Project Team

Educational Team

Isra Peralta is originally from Barcelona but lives in the South Caucasus for years and traveled a lot in Europe due to his work and interests. He has been involved in NGO work since 2007, when he joined the International University for Peace. Isra is also working with social movements and specially with NGOs supporting them in Spain, Georgia, Belarus and several other countries. At this moment his links are stronger with the Academy for Peace and Development and the International Institute for Nonviolent Action. He also develops educational materials and conducts researches on  social transformation, nonviolence and peace education.

Felipe Daza, currently, coordinates nonviolent and peace actions in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Yemen and is responsible for the Easter Europe working group at NOVACT. He also coordinates the PMSC campaign to increase control of the private security companies.

“After three months of living in Palestine, I began to realize how limited is the impact of international cooperation aiming at improvement of the life of Palestinians. My idea about development cooperation entered in crisis. Going through this personal process I began to hear news from a small Palestinian village, of which inhabitants resisted against the construction of the separation wall day after day. The first demonstration in Bil’in showed me the power of nonviolence. Suddenly, I discovered a real opportunity for cooperation and solidarity among people through Palestinian nonviolent movements fighting against the occupation and for conflict transformation”.

Before his experience in Palestine and Israel, Felipe lived in southern Senegal doing research on the Casamance conflict and, later on, worked in the OSCE Mission in Albania where he learnt more about civil movements as well as about the dynamics of the Balkan conflict.


Project Coordination

Sebastian Schweitzer is a project manager at the European INtercultural Forum e. V., a freelance trainer and consultant who has been working in the educational sector since 2003. He finished Political Science and started working in civic education in Germany. In 2006, he focused his work on the South Caucasus and the Western Balkans. Sebastian facilitates seminars and training courses on topics such as peace-building, conflict transformation, active participation and civic education for civil society activists and project managers. From 2011 to 2013, Sebastian co-managed a peace education programme for schoolteachers in Macedonia, and is since then researching and educating on peace education.

Natia Inaishvili is a project coordinator for international educational projects at the Academy for Peace and Development since summer 2016. Before she has been working for the Georgian organisation COMPASS based in Batumi as a project manager in charge of coordination and administration of local and international projects dedicated to human rights protection.