Problem Analysis

We started to work on analyzing the problems. Problem Tree is kind of classical tool that is used to reflect the reality to define core problem you would like to work and what are the roots of this problem, and that are the ‘fruits’, the results of having this problem in the community.  Country groups are working together and analyzing problems from their contexts and reality.


We have also gone through Needs Assessment tool and different components of it. In the end of the participants already had been working on their own cases with those tools.

A day in Tbilisi

On the day of 31th of March, we had a chance to change the scenery a little. The whole team visited Tbilisi for a guest lecture about two Georgian social initiatives, followed by city exploration and the highlight of the day – so called Supra, traditional Georgian dinner.

The first part took place in a vegan cafe Kiwi, where all the supporters of the animal rights, environmental protection, and any other social movements can share ideas. For more information, you can visit their facebook profile – Kiwi-Cafe Tbilisi.


Our first guest was Elene, who represented Iare Pekhit movement. They are focusing on the pedestrian rights, mainly lack of public space and road safety issues. Their current action „Iare Pekhit“ tries to attract the attention of the citizens, who unfortunately are not engaged in creating the safe surroundings for themselves. They are organizing open events, flashmobs, and also they use social media to broaden their range #SOSTbilisi . In cooperation with other organizations, they are working on Project PaNOrama Tbilisi in order to make Tbilisi a better place to live in.

The second presentation was about OC Media – Open Caucasus Media, conducted by one of its co-founder Dominik. They have correspondents in all the Caucasian countries, introducing the issues of the local communities, such as job market, women rights, and ethnic minorities struggles. The news is shown in an alternative way to what is usually published in the public media, in, as Dominik said, „no sensational way“.

Next, we had a free time to explore the capital city, topped off with Georgian Supra.


We had a chance to try the traditional cuisine, listen to their music and admire the national dances. Supra was conducted by the Tamada – ceremony master, who was taking care of raising all the toasts through the entire evening.

It was a long day, but we were really glad that we had a chance to get to know Georgian social movements, the city of Tbilisi and unique national traditions.


Building Power

We have been going through different aspects of youth empowerment process and today we are working on the issue of building a power for the social transformation process. We are analyzing cases from different countries in order to see the strategies and structures how there people are building their power to reach their objectives while transformation.20170401_103156[1]20170401_103116[1]

We will come back to you with different topics soon.

Day of 30.03.2017

Luckily the sun welcomed us without wind today, so our trainers took the opportunity to take the activities outside. We talked about creating visions of tomorrow for social transformation and how to connect individual dreams with collective ones. According to that we got a creative task to design a newspaper cover with our personal visions of the future. The results can be seen in the photo collage aside.


In the second part of our training we concentrated on youth empowerment and the use of the R.M.S.O.S. method (see photo) which showed us what are the requirements for successful youth empowerment. We presented in groups small theatre performance about those. Again the trainers gave us the chance to use our creativity for understanding the differences and connections between the requirements. We had a lot of fun in interpreting the meaning of the scenes. At the end of the day we could share our best practices of youth empowerment in our regions/ countries/ organisations. This was the highlight of the day, because of realising the differences of volunteer systems and organisations, we gained new perspectives and inspirations. All in all it was a really great and informative day which we close with an usual day refelection.


The training course has started!

Welcome to our blog and our project “Youth Empowerment and Social Transformation”

We just begun the 1st residential training course here in Georgia, which is the first time we all meet face-to-face after having already cooperated during the online course in the past 4 weeks.

After an informal welcoming yesterday evening, today we will mainly focus on getting to know each other better and setting the frame for this course.

More to follow.:)